1993 Mazda RX-7 Service Manuals

These are PDFs of the official Mazda service manuals

(A)general_info - Information about reading service manuals
(B)scheduled_maintenance_services - Scheduled maintenance
(C)engine - Disassemble and assemble the rotary engine
(D)lubrication_system - Everything related to oil
(E)cooling_system - Radiator and Coolant information
(F)fuel_and_emissions_control_systems - Gas and air diagnostics
(G)engine_electrical_systems - Electrical Diagrams
(H)clutch - Clutch throwout bearing assembly
(J)manual_transmission - Transmission teardown
(L)propeller_shaft - Driveshaft disassembly
(M)front_and_rear_axles - Wheel axles
(N)steering_systems - Power Steering assembly
(P)braking_systems - ABS brakes and teardown
(Q)wheels_and_tires - Tire diagnostics
(R)suspension - Suspension adjustments
(S)body - disassembly of body parts
(ST)special_tools - list of tools needed to perform work
(TD)technical_data - Every specification about the Mazda RX-7
1993_FD_Parts_Diagram - List of all the part numbers


93_service_highlights - A summary of the most common issues for the RX-7